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Free shipping on orders over $15



"We are very fond of this unique website and we particularly like the pretty junior brushes and their  cute bamboo cases!

We appreciate this beneficial range that is complemented by exclusive accessories made of 100% Bamboo.

In short, it's an online store that we can share and recommended without reservation! "

Voici, Tendances 2019

"Impeccable customer service!

My patients and I are fully satisfied with this company's bamboo toothbrushes. Brushing now has become a pleasure!

I recommend my brushes at home. "

Dr. Gregory Chassel, Orthodontist

"They're natural, pretty and practical that are like real little jewels with shimmering colors!

The bristles infused with activated carbon provide natural tooth whitening while massaging the gums with efficiency and softness.

Has many accessories made of bamboo! You can choose from the cup, the holder or the brush case that can give your bathroom a very exotic look. I am a fan of this company 100%!"

Jacqueline Nicolet, La Sage Espace Bio
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